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DSSI is a full service provider of user focused Business Process Management solutions.

What distinguishes DSSI from others is our focus on the end user as we introduce new ways of accomplishing tasks using proven methodologies and tools to optimize your ability to successfully transform your business processes to meet your demanding needs.

Unlike many other companies, DSSI has a long track record of successfully implementing both simple and very complex processes across a wide range of applications in diverse customer settings using different products depending on the customer’s requirements.

DSSI Services

• Project Management
• Managing for Business Results
• Business Process Reengineering
• Systems Design
• Systems Integration
• Installation
• Programming
• Training Development and Delivery
• System and User Support
• Business Process Management
• Electronic Forms
• Digital Signature
• Document/Content Management
• Records Management 
DSSI experience covers a broad range of applications across virtually every business function.

DSSI Process Area Success

• Correspondence Management
• Invoice Processing
• Travel Requests
• Training Requests
• Overtime Requests
• Performance Evaluations
• Awards Processing
• Legislative Bills
• Travel Vouchers
• Leave Requests
• FOIA Requests
• Engineering Changes
• Ceremonies & Special Events
• Credit Card Purchases Requests
• Training Course Development
• Membership Processing
• Trust Management
• Purchase Requests 

DSSI’s diverse experience demonstrates we can support virtually any process implementation successfully.